Why Use Machine Applied Coatings?

Why should a builder purchase "Primed" trim and siding?

  • Quality control
    * No lap marks, streaking, shrink lines or over spray.
  • Lower cost than field applied/better protection
    * 30-40% lower applied costs for prefinishing
  • Controlled environment for good film formation
    * Greater assurance with Machine Application
  • Even Mil Thickness (generally 6 wet mils each coat)
    * Your customer is assured of accurate, even film build
  • Back priming (front, back, 2 edges and 2 ends)
    * Not practical with field application
  • Increases dimensional stability
  • Coating application production records
    * The builder/installler can verify the correct product is properly applied and at the recommended mil thickness
  • Proper Equilibrium/Moisture Content
    * Greater assuramnce with Machine Application
  • Photodegradation
    * Chance of degradation eliminated with Machine Application
  • Reduced environmental impact, contaminants
    * VOCs, Poisoning, empty buckets, fire hazards at job site
  • Instant curb appeal/clean site lines
    * Once installed, the siding and trim look good
  • Eliminates weather delays and degradation
    * Finish coats can be applied weather permitting
  • Enhanced warranties/proven performance
    * Machine applied coatings allow for better assurances

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