Machine Applied Coatings

Northwest Coating Systems, Inc, is the premier factory finisher in the country.

Factory finishing is the process of coating wood, wood products or cementatious products with primer, paints, or stains in a controlled environment using machines that automatically roll and brush paint on the front, back and edges of a board. Every major wood manufacturer and wood trade association encourages coating all sides, especially the backside, of all exterior wood with brushes (the best) or rollers (second best). Coating all four sides is the best way to stabilize siding, trim, decking and fencing to provide long-lasting natural beauty.

We can factory finish the following:

  • Exterior wood siding, trim boards
  • Cedar siding, white wood trim, solid and FJ
  • Wood composite siding and trim
  • Fiber Cement siding and trim
  • Man made composites
  • Decking materials
  • Fencing materials

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